ShareHire is the first company in Poland and one of the first in the world to provide the outsourcing of employee referral programs.

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Our service

Since 2014 we have specialized in developing, maintaining and optimizing community-driven, dedicated recruitment platforms for our clients. Our pioneering services include:

Twój własny portal

Branded talent community portal

  • Custom layouts & visuals
  • Harnessing referrals through e-mail, social media or SMS
  • All the applicants' information centralized in one single database
Rozwiązania prawne i podatkowe

Tax and legal solutions

  • Drafting the rules & regulations of the referral program
  • Notification of personal data filling systems for registration
  • Handling of all tax obligations
Zaangażowanie polecających

Community-driven engagement

  • Design, development and execution of communications initiatives
  • Reaching external referrers through highly-targeted campaigns
  • Implementing gamification and contests for enhanced user experience
Obsługa wypłaty nagród

Referral reward payment processing

  • Outsourcing the entire payment process to ShareHire
  • Both in-kind and financial rewards
  • Consulting regarding the rewards system

We possess extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of fields, which empowers us to provide a broad range of multi-faceted services necessary for dealing with the complexities of a finely-tuned employee referral program. To that end our team of HR, social media, employer branding and IT professionals works closely with every client to understand his needs, fit his budget and carefully execute each project based on our tested process. We provide solutions for industry leaders and aspiring, fast-growing businesses in banking, logistics, retail, IT, telecommunications or medicine.

If you are interested in learning more about our solutions and pricing, contact me today.

Marcin Gielzak

+48 602 252 412